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RE: Have questions about pain mgt and sobriety


I am Josie and I am an addict and chronic pain sufferer.  I am hoping to find friends here that have similiar problems as I do.  I am in recovery from opiate abuse and unfortunately I have severe chronic pain that requires I take opiods on a daily basis.  I have a sober friend holding on to them for me, they only give me what I am prescribed each day no matter how hard I beg for more on "bad" days.  I am having less and less "bad" days mentally, but more physically. I am afraid to tell my doctor that my pain is not responding well to the dose of methadone I am on (I am on 60mg per day, that's 20mg 3X per day).  I have been on that dose for about 6 months now, it stopped being effective 3 months ago and its getting worse.  I just fear rejection, and possibility of my doctor "kicking" me out of the practice because I am being "difficult".  I don't know why I feel this way.  My doctor has been Ok increasing me in the past, but has mentioned that she would not like me to be on too high of a dose.  I wrestle with my mind, I think on one hand I would only need 20mg more per day that would take me from 60mg to 80mg and it would NOT give me a "buzz", I know fully 100% that I am NOT seeking a buzz, I have gone over and over this.  I am seeking more pain relief especially at night. I cannot get thru the night too well these days.  I am asking what others think of this from their own experience.  Should I mention that I think I need 20mg more per day, or just mention that I may need help in general and see what she says?  She knows I cannot take a lot of anti-inflammatories because I have stomach and bowel issues.  Maybe I should tell her how I feel and see if she either increases the methadone or maybe adds another narcotic "break-thru" medication or non-narcotic "break-thru" medication (I have tried Lyrica, and Neurontin, Elavil, Celebrex, and Vioxx, with some allegeries and others made no difference, and some made me too tired).  Thanks for any input.  


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